About me

Neumenne, whose real name is Manfred Neumann, was born in 1973 in Wolfenbüttel, the town of the famous Hunter drink with a deer head. He has been going down an electronically idiosyncratic path since early childhood. While others celebrated the 80s hit parades, Neumenne recorded the drone noise of the television and edited his own cassette tapes. At this time, he was alone with his unusual taste in music. It was a time when you could send your music requests to radio stations by postcard and the HR3 Clubnight was regularly recorded. Loudspeakers were built by himself and the first Technics record players were saved from pocket money. Then his love of vinyl began! Early on, Neumenne played on the web radios and in various electronic clubs in Germany. Music styles such as electro pop, acid, house, ambient, minimal and dubtechno paved the way. Today he lives in the Harz mountains where he produces electronic music, mainly electronic dubtechno.

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